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With a little help from...

People or websites or blogs that helped me write, record, create and distribute my music


MCS: Where my journey started, where I found my collaborators, my lyricists, my fellow musicians, support and my musical family. Here I could live my dream of being a session guitarist!


Graham Cochrane and his courses, videos, blogs.

I learned so much about mixing.


Damo `s videos are a goldmine for marketing and more about the music business of the 21. century

Ari Herstand ´s book and blog is a must when it comes to how to make it in the new music business (pun intended ;-)


Chris Sellim´s page helped me with Cubase

Ian Shepperd.jpg

Ian Shepperd mastered my EP. He worked with artists such as Keane, Deep Purple, Porcupine Tree and King Crimson.

What a great job. Thank you, Ian!


René Van der Voorden The one of a kind behind the camera!

One of the greatest internet radio stations on the planet

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